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January 13, 2007

Muwaji's journey

Muwaji is living days of great expectations; she is counting the days, ready to return to the tribe with her family. After a difficult year in the urban world, she is preparing to return to the Suruwahá tribe with her family. There were moments in which she had lost all hope and was almost forced to return to the tribe and sacrifice her daughter, Iganani, or give up her fight and give her up for adoption. But, nothing was in vain. Muwaji overcame obstacles, won the right to come and go as she pleases, regained her dignity and, most importantly - she got the medical treatment for Iganani!

After eight months of rehabilitation in the Sarah Hospital, in Brasília, her daughter made progress and can already walk a few steps with the help of a support. The joy of both of them is contagious.... They are missing the rest of their family a lot, as well as missing meat from hunts, hammocks, the lighted campfire at night and bathing in the river. Also, the medical team decided that now is the right time to let the family go for a short visit. Despite the risks of rejection from the tribe, this return is important, not only for the emotional situation of the family, but also so that the tribe may have a chance to accompany Iganani's rehabilitation process and triumph over their own prejudices.

Little by little, "different" children are being accepted and valued as the human beings that they are, and the practice of infanticide will become a thing of the past for the Suruwahá people.

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