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August 07, 2007

Xingu Trip

With the invitation of the indigenous leader of the Kamaiura people, members from ATINI watched the Kuarup ceremony - the most important ritual practiced by indigenous people from Alto Xingu.

It involved various days of intense contact with the Xinguan customs and culture. ATINI received several requests for help from parents and relatives of indigenous children that are at risk. We also heard stories of other children who unfortunately didn't have the chance to be saved. One of the most moving reports was that of Paltu Kamaiura. He told us with much sadness and with a strain in his voice, the drama that he has been going through...

A baby which he held in his arms had a twin brother that unfortunately had to be buried alive; due to cultural reasons. When Paltu found out that there were two babies, he started to panic and fought for at least one of them to live, and that's what happened. But to this day he can't forget his other son, who was buried alive. He said that both he and his wife love their child who survived, but every time they see him they remember the sad destiny that his brother had. Paltu taped a report telling the whole story and asking for external help so that the Kamaiura could resolve this problem. He said that the Kamaiura youth don't want to bury any more of their babies. But they need help from outside. He also said that if he knew that the babies were twins he would have left the tribe in order to preserve their lives and would live outside of the tribe as long as would be necessary. He mentioned that the people's mentality is changing, but it is very hard to face the attitudes of discrimination and to maintain the unwanted children alive. This is why they need help. Paltu said that one of the present Kamaiura worries is population growth. They want to grow so they can become strong and it doesn't make sense to bury children.

The ATINI team noted all these things down and is already thinking about opening a home to take in Xinguan mothers who are pregnant with twins. You can be part of this cause by contacting us and sending your donations to ATINI. Find out how here.

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