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September 03, 2007

Public Hearing breaks the silence on the subject of Infanticide

Attending the needs of Congressman Henrique Afonso (PT – Worker’s Party / Acre State), the Commission of Human Rights and Ethnic Minority Rights will hold a Public Hearing, with the purpose of arguing the practice of infanticide. A debate will be held with specialists and indigenous leaders about the practice of sacrificing children who are considered to be imperfect or are unwanted that is still happening in some tribal villages.
Among the exhibitors, will be Prof. Paltu Kamayurá, Dr. Márcio Meira, President of FUNAI, Dr. Débora Duprat, Attorney General, Dr. Maíra Barreto, Prof. Márcia Suzuki, President of ATINI, and Dr. Ronaldo Lidório, Anthropologist.

ATINI is making the most of the occasion to launch its second publication. Breaking the Silence – a debate on infanticide within indigenous communities in Brazil. The material tackles the subject from different points of view, such as Human Rights, Anthropology, Cultural Relevance, Bioethics, as well as bringing together the stories of witnesses, professionals who work in indigenous areas, relatives of victims and survivors.

It is time for our society to take this debate to the next level, silencing our own ideologies and passions, in order to listen, discuss, reflect, without bias, about the problem of infanticide in our Brazilian indigenous communities. It’s time for our society to break the silence, and make this voice for life heard. In a loud good sound.

5th September 2007, 2:30pm
Plenary Assembly 9, Annex 2, Congress
Brasilia – DF State

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