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October 18, 2007

Correio Braziliense (The Brasilia Times) - Infanticide

On the 15th October, the Correio Braziliense (The Brasilia Times) published in its “Law and Justice” section, a legal interpretation on the subject of infanticide.

"However, if the indigenous peoples do not have the resources to address health problems, to confront and survive the challenges of the tropical forests, as well as other circumstances related to his “modus Vivendi”, the State will support them and will not let them be abandoned. The deliberate conduct in taking the lives of newborns and infants, no matter what the reasons, is against human rights."

Read more here (in Portuguese)

October 17, 2007

Hakani’s second life

"In the school Olympics, where she has been studying since April last year, she has fun, she plays dodge ball, and loves races. She’s a lot of work. During break time, she never turns down the offer of a piece of chocolate cake."

Hakani had her life story published in two editions of the “Correio Braziliense” (The Brasilia Times) (on October 3rd 2007 and October 4th 2007). The two were transcribed in full:

Read the materials here (in Portuguese).

October 02, 2007

ATINI and Latin Immersion present "A Child’s Smile"

ATINI and Latin Immersion present "A Child’s Smile"

Throughout Children’s Week, we’ll be celebrating and you’re our guest! Check out the schedule and be a part of it!

Monday, 8th, starting at 6pm
Opening of the photographic exposition
"A Child is always a child"
(ATINI and Latin Immersion)
Launching of the magazine: Breaking the Silence
Music with members of the bands: Caution, Immersion and CalangoRex

Tuesday, 9th starting at 7pm
Showing of a documentary about Infanticide
(NETWERK, Dutch Television Network)
Talk: Infanticide within Brazilian indigenous tribes
(Mrs. Márcia Suzuki)

Wednesday, 10th starting at 7pm
Exhibition of drawings and poetry by children from APAE (Friends and Family of People with Down’s Syndrome Association)
Poetic participation with Brenda Marques and Avelin Rosana
Talk: Inclusive education
(Mr. Érik Peixoto)

Thursday, 11th starting at 7pm
Exhibition of photos denouncing child labour and child abuse
Talk: Child labour Project "A child is not a toy"
(Brenda Marques, Journalist, of the NGO Latin Immersion)
How do you become a part of this cause...

Friday, 12th starting at 4pm
Party for the children with
Clowns, music and lots of fun for the kids!

October 01, 2007



We call upon all members of ATINI’s Deliberative Assembly to participate in a MEETING to be held in the afternoon of October 6th, 2007, at 2:00pm, at SCRN 714/715, Block F, Shop 18, Brasilia, DF, to decide on the following subjects:

1. Approval of distinguished partners and associates;
2. ATINI’s projects;
3. ATINI’s actions in the scope of the Inter-American Human Rights System;
4. Possible partners

Brasilia, 1st October 2007.

Marcia Suzuki

Uma voz pela vida

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