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March 14, 2008

Little Gil escaped from infanticide in the Xingu tribe

But his fight for life isn’t over yet. Gil, a small Indian child from the Kamayurá ethnicity, will be five years old on the 17th March. He has serious heart problems (pulmonary hypertension) and is dependent on oxygen therapy from time to time. Besides this, he also has Down’s syndrome.

His family sought ATINI for urgent help. After a long difficult time in the hospital, Gil was discharged. Now, he needs a place to live where there isn’t any risk of common hospital infections, where it will be possible to continue with the necessary treatment and also improve his living conditions. However, the surgical instruments and the monthly medication costs are extremely high. But Gil’s life would be put at risk if he were to return to the tribal village. Gil’s family has refused outright to return to the Xingu tribe.

The Kamayurá people still don’t accept children with special needs – close to 30 children are buried alive in the Xingu every year.

Contact us, as soon as possible, if you wish to do something for Gil and for his family. Call us by phone at +55 (061) 3272 3035 or write to us at vozpelavida@gmail.com telling us how you would like to help. He might receive the present that he needs the most: a better life.

March 03, 2008

Training for the Voluntary Sector

On the 25th-28th February in Rio de Janeiro, there was a “Fundraising and Planning for Fundraising and Marketing for NGO’s (charities)” course.DEARO Social Marketing, whose head-office is in São Paulo, runs this course, along with others, with excellence, with the objective of the professionalization of the Voluntary Sector and the incentive of social investment.

Thanks to a partnership with Dearo, Atini participated in the training, acquiring technical and practical information to better carry out its mission of defending indigenous children's rights. During the course, we were able to meet other people and institutions involved with the Voluntary Sector, to share experiences and even tell the group a little on the subject of infanticide and the work of Atini.

To Fernanda Dearo and Daniela Amaral, for your dedication and motivation, Atini thanks you for the opportunity, and hopes that that is just the beginning of new partnerships. Thank you very much!

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